1. Sustainable management
  2. CEO Message

CEO Message

LT Metal is clearly aware that the pursuit of social value is essential for the sustainable growth of the company and society. We will contribute to the sustainable growth of the company and society by establishing ESG-based policies as follows

Environment-friendly management

We will make ceaseless efforts to save energy, eliminate waste, and reduce emissions including greenhouse gases. From development of product to disposal after use, we will minimize pollutants to meet the expectations of our customers and we will comply with environmental laws and regulations by establishing strict internal standards. We will consider the eco-friendly way in the operation of all facilities, and deeply recognize our social responsibility for saving earth.

Social contribution

Based on the culture in which the happiness and diversity of members are respected, we will continue to strengthen our efforts for human rights, coexistence and safety together with our members, customers and local communities. We will also lead in establishing institutional and technical support and fair trade for the sustainable growth of all stakeholders related to us.

Governance improvement

We will enhance the professionality of the board of directors and firmly strengthen the transparent management system through valid communication.
We are clearly aware that companies can survive and grow only when they seek ways to cooperate with various members of economy. Therefore we will continue to work hard to put this into our management. We will check all areas of management activities and develop our capabilities For the sustainable growth of LT Metal, our stakeholders, and society.
Thank you.