1. Sustainable management
  2. Environmental safety and health
  3. E.S.H Policies

Environmental safety and hygiene policies

LT Metals' environmental safety and hygiene policies aim to realize the best quality value.

“Contributing to social progress through the creation of best quality value”
LT Metals' environmental safety and hygiene policies, based on the business management policies of promoting happiness of customers, members and society through people and technology, aim at making the company a global leader in the field of recovery and refinement of precious metal materials.

Implementation of environmental safety and hygiene policies

The Incheon plant of LT Metals aim to become environment-friendly and safe as part of a company that manufactures industrial precious metals and components. We uphold the values of preserving the natural environment and to that effect, observe all laws related to environmental safety. Particular care is taken to prevent environmental contamination or safety incidents. Hazardous materials as recognized by authorities and customers are not used and specific action plans are established to implement environmental safety policies.
  • 0 1The company prioritizes environment-friendly items and safe products in its purchase and takes the lead in improving environmental safety.
  • 02 The company improves its processes to save resources and deter contaminants to minimize the negative effects on the environment and prevent safety incidents including skeletal muscular illnesses.
  • 03 Environmental safety goals and detailed objectives are set, implemented and adherence is reviewed regularly.
  • 04 Efforts to continuously reduce hazardous material are made to promptly meed customer requests.
  • 05 Data on environmental safety policies and performance are provided upon stakeholders' request to guarantee transparency in business management.