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Human rights and labor policies

LT Metals uphold the human dignity of all our employees.

Human rights and labor policies

LT Metals respect and uphold the human dignity and value of all our employees in order to realize our business philosophy of creating happiness for our customers, society and members through people and technology. Based on a spirit of harmony, we are committed to creating a pleasant working environment. We support and uphold all standards for human rights and labor as stated by the UN and ILO, and we do not execute any discrimination based on gender, race, nationality, religion or age. We abide by the RBA regulations and all labor-related laws in the areas or countries we operate.

Detailed operation guidelines

Respect for human rights
All employees are respected as a human being, and efforts are made to ensure no case of human rights violation occurs.
Prohibition of forced labor
Forced labor through physical or mental restraints, including but not limited to that through the means of slavery or human trafficking is prohibited. Nor does the company force the employees' ID, passport or work permit to be handed over in exchange for employment.
Prohibition of child labor
The company does not employ children or youth under the age of 15.
Employment of minors
Minors under the age of 18 may be employed in accordance with labor laws, but shall not be assigned to any hazardous or dangerous tasks , including night shifts and overtime.
Work hours
Regular work hours or overtime shall abide by the standards set in the laws of the region or area of operation. Overtime allowances shall be paid to employees in case of overtime, in accordance with related local laws.
Employee salaries shall be set above the minimum level stipulated in related labor laws of the region or country of operation.
Prohibition of discrimination
No discrimination on the basis of gender, race, nationality, ethnicity, religion , sexual orientation, political orientation, marital status, labor union activities, disability, pregnancy and childbirth shall be tolerated. No differentiation of salary, promotion or working conditions shall be implemented based on the above.
The freedom of speech and organization
Employees are guaranteed the freedom of organization and collective bargaining in accordance with local labor laws. Participation in labor units shall not trigger any unfavorable treatment by the company.