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LT Metals Research Center was established in 1993 and has been developing the latest technologies for the past 24 years.

    • 2016

      Developed Cu / SUS Target
      Developed AgNi-CNT contact
    • 2015

      Developed Reduce Ta Target
      Developed IZO Target
      Developed Pd/C catalyst for pharmaceuticals
    • 2014

      Developed Ag alloy thin film material for OLED
      Developed high refraction silicone materials for LED
      Developed Cross Bar
    • 2013

      Developed Ta Target for semiconductors
      Developed insoluble electrodes for ship equilibrium water
      Developed Yellow fluorescent material
      Developed platinum metal compounds for OLED
    • 2012

      Developed Ru Target for HDD
      Developed highly transparent, highly shock resistant silicone polymer for IT Housing
      Developed plating processing solution re-use system
      Developed water purification system sterilization module
      Developed nitrides for fluorescent material
    • 2011

      Developed IGZO Target for Oxide TFT
      Developed platinum compounds for sensing insulin levels
      Developed insoluble electrodes for sea water electrolysis
    • 2010

      Developed platinum compounds for insoluble electrodes
      Developed Ni/Al Clad Metal for secondary battery
    • 2009

      Developed Au Target for semiconductors
      Developed sterilized electrolysis tank for food materials
    • 2008

      Developed GZO type Target for Solar Cells
    • 2007

      Developed ZnO type Target for Solar Cells
      Developed Ag Target for Mobile Phones
      Developed electrolysis tank for sewage management requiring deconstruction of polymers