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Heesung Metals produces precious metal compounds, plating materials and insoluble electrodes.

Pure gold plating process for electronic components

Temperex 209a, 8400
With the drop in Au concentration, Cost Down. EEJA's 209a,8400
  • Temperex 209a, 8400
  • The using amount of Au is decreased by getting excellent even adhesive capacity with relatively less concentration of gold than the existing solution.
  • Au Purity 99.9% precipitates.
  • Precipitate has excellent corrosion resistance, Bonding capacity, and soldering, which is optimum for the components of Pront circuit machine Semiconductor.
  • Good resistance owing to weak acid electrolytic plating.
  • Stable precipitation efficiency and excellent stability compared to the existing solution
Characteristics of the plating solution

Non-electrolysis gold plating process

Non-electrolysis gold plating process to address Pb free
EEJA Electionless Ceragold, an environment-friendly process for Pb free
  • • A plating solution that does not contain Pb to meet RoHS while increasing productivity.
Prototype of environment-friendly non-electrolysis plating LECTROLESS Au 1210, 1300
Characteristics of the plating solution
Prototype of alkaline non-electrolysis plating CERAGOLD 6060, 6070
Characteristics of the plating solution

High speed AU/CO plating process

High speed AU/CO plating Process for connectors
EEJA, developed for AUTRONEX GVC high speed gold plating
A high speed eduction that has been unprecedented in existing Au/Co Process, and a wide range of shine using low Au concentration allows for reduced costs.
01 High speed plating
Applicable to the thickness from high current density to 0.5㎛, corresponding to PtR
02 Wide area of shine
Soft material, achievable of the precipitation with gloss in wide range of current density, little change of morphology by the temperature, humidity, and pH, and wide application range
03 Excellent resistance to corrosion, high welding strength and high solderability
Electronics, especially suitable to Connector Application