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Chemical Products

LT Metals produces precious metal compounds, plating materials and insoluble electrodes.

Korea's only corporation to specialize in the production of precious metal chemicals
LT is the only corporation in Korea to specialize in the production of chemical products related to precious metals. The cutting-edge facilities allow us to accurately analyze even the smallest amounts. We also use precious metal ingredients with a purity of 99.99% or higher to offer high stability and quality. Mass production and a stable level of inventory allows us to supply products in time. We also offer thorough after-sales services through our analysis know-how and advanced analysis equipment, which sets us apart from our competitors.

Types of Chemical Products

Precious metal compounds
Precious metals are chemically stable and have high conductivity, making them ideal to be used in semiconductors (Wafer, Lead Frame, COB..) and accessories. LT's have been widely recognized for their high quality. Paradium compounds are used not only for plating but also for petro-chemicals and catalysts used in automobiles.
Application We formulate and supply various precious metal compounds to meet customer needs.
Gold Compounds
Used for semiconductor components, PCB base, Wafer, accessories, plating in extremely low pH levels, STS Au Strike Wafer Bump, electric plating
Silver Compounds
Used for Lead Frame, silver mirrors, Paste, photos, analytical reagent, manufacturing of potassium silver cyanide
Palladium Compounds
Used for Lead fame, ABS pd catalyst
Rhodium Compounds
Used for high end Jewelry(Brooches, Rings)
Platinum Compounds, Anodes
Used for the manufacturing of catalysts, glass colorants, medical devices using ionized water
  • - Stable supply of precious metal compound for various uses including plating
  • - Manufacturing of organic precious metal compounds used as uniform catalysts
Plating Solution (EEJA plating solution)
We provide plating processes for semiconductor components to accessories with the desired precious metal plating solution. Various levels of purity, hardness, shine and colors are available.
Application We produce and supply various precious metal compounds to meet customer needs.
  • - For various plating processes for semiconductors, electronic components and accessories.
  • - High efficiency and productivity, coupled with low cost using high purity solutions.
  • - Offers cost-cutting opportunities for clients by applying a recycling process for precious metals.
Insoluble electrodes
This is a insoluble metal electrode that has been coated with precious metal catalysts, making it more resistant to corrosion. In particular, the precious metal catalyst has been attached in a uniform manner to make the life longer while making the specifications accurate. It is used in various fields as a stable electrode.
Types of Insoluble electrodes

Process for the manufacturing of PGC gold compound items