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Electrical Contact

Electrical Contact refer to the electric contact terminal that mechanically opens, closes or accesses the electric circuits.

Economical, high quality contacts offered based on 50 years of expertise Electrical Contact
Electrical Contact are used in many industries such as electric and electronics, communication devices, automobiles, high voltage wiring and elevators where various switches, relays and magnetic switches are used. In recent years, these devices have become smaller or more powerful, requiring high reliability. We use the latest reliability test for contacts to meet consumer needs.

Characteristics required for Contact

  • 01 Safety and low contact resistance
  • 02 Good resistance to welding, and definite open/close
  • 03 Excellent electrical conductivity and heat conductivity
  • 04 Sure resistance to wear and no changeable to contact surface

Characteristics of LT Metal's Contacts

We are comprehensive contact manufacturing company to produce various types and shapes contacts customized to the demand of customers, from general Solid Type Contact to special product of high-tech Double Clad Contact, under perfect quality control based on 30 years experiences and technical cooperation with foreign company. Particularly, it surely satisfies your expectations that our complete guarantee for performance and continuous endeavors to develop more economical and high- powered contact.

Major Clients

Types of Electrical Contact

Overview of Contact Rivet
In recent, it requires the miniaturization, high performance, and solid confidence in rapidly changing electro-magnetic field. LT Metal Ltd. will satisfy customers with perfect quality control from general Solid Type to Projection Type of special features of various Electrical Contact materials of AgCdO to environmental high-performance Cd-Free Electrical Contact.
Contact Rivet Classification by material A detailed table is shown when the categorization by material is clicked.
Suitable to be used in low Electrical Contact capacity and requiring critical reliability. No oxidation and no discoloration in any temperature.
Pt-lr Group
High reducing power for Arc, and no change of Electrical Contact resistance. The more contents of Ir(Iridium), the more hardness of it, and no color change. Moving with high speed in big Electrical Contact power, and suitable for requiring high sensitivity.
Its low resistance and high corrosion resistance prevents the surface discoloration or generating oxides even though it is plated over low-load Electrical Contact or wireless silver Electrical Contact.
Au Group
A substitute for platinum in high-sensitivity device. Low electrical abrasion resistance.
Better welding resistance and hardness than Ag.
Excellent corrosion resistance, low Electrical Contact resistance, long-durability, confidentiality.
Also called to PGS.
Good corrosion resistance and mechanical property.
Alloy containing 62.5% of gold.
Manufactured to the state of line or substitute.
Resistant to Electrical Contact with impact, good springing property, and no change of color.
AgPd Group
Perfect resistance to emulsion film generation. Showing the best hardness and abrasion resistance in containing 40% silver, and used as a substitute for platinum.
Ag Group
High Conductivity and Thermal Conductivity than all other metals, no oxidation, low Electrical Contact resistance. Cannot be used when sulfur is contained in the air, which forming the thin film.
AgNi Group
AgNi alloy is a contact materials, which complementing the welding resistance and abrasion resistance of Ag and elevating the potential of processing.Since Ni not melt in Ag, it is manufactured by Power method, and the contents Ni is 5~20wt%.
AgCu Group
Color resistance becomes decrease by the contents of copper, but hardness and mechanical abrasion resistance is increase. High Electrical Contacting power. Not use in case of Sliding Electrical Contact in operation.
AgCdO Group
AgCdO Group is manufactured mainly with cadmium oxide silver. As a Electrical Contact, it has an excellent welding resistance and abrasion resistance, stable Electrical Contact resistance, good electric and thermal conductivity. Widely used in Electrical Contact for heavy current.
AgSnO2 Group (Powder Process)
This materials are produced by dispersing SnO2 oxide in silver base using produced power method, excellent Conductivity, Arc resistance, welding resistance, and abrasion resistance.
AgSnO2 Group (Total Oxidation Process)
Ag oxide-dispersion-strengthened alloy; heat stable SnO2 owing to its feature of material; micro-dispersion of SnO2 to Ag Matrix to give resistance to Arc, welding, and abrasion; total oxidation process. Particularly, it has excellent feature for relay and switch in the heavy duty area of DC.
AgSnOlnOx Group
Cd-free material not brining about environmental problem; manufactured by internal oxidation which alloying with various additional elements to Ag-Sn alloy; very fine dispersion of oxide particles, which giving good welding / abrasion resistance; used in both AC and DC resistance.
※ Microstructure of EP45 , MS45
AgZnO Group
환경문제가 없는 Cd-Free 재질로 Ag-Zn 합금에 내부산화법으로 제조하여 산화물 입자가 미세하게 분산되어 내용착성 및 내소모성이 향상된 AgCdO 대체재질이다. 주로 AC Switch 및 Magnet Switch에 사용된다.
AgCdNi Group
Used as a substitute for copper-silver group; having better resistance to discoloration than copper-silver group but lesser Electrical Contact resistance.
Agln Group
Holding non-lubricating property, and used for wetting Electrical Contact with relatively high Electrical Contact voltage.
Advantages of Contact Rivet
  • 01 Relatively easy riveting.
  • 02 Sufficiently strong and stable the adhesive power by the Electrical Contact riveting used in low voltage current area.
  • 03 No loss of Spring feature and no acidify due to no heating.
Forms and purposes of Contact Rivet
  • Generally used single metal Electrical Contact.
  • Complex Electrical Contact saving materials of Solid Electrical Contact with considering economics.
  • A Electrical Contact riveted to a fragile material such as bakelite.
  • Use with F Electrical Contact when Electrical Contact resistance is essential.
    Electrical Contact failure by corrosion prevention effect (mainly Au-coating).
  • Make easy insertion into the terminal hole in automatic riveting Line.
Application Field Contact Rivet