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Precious Metals Recovery Technological Data

Precious metals recovered and refined from scraps in the electronic, electric, petrochemical industries are recycled.

Recovery and refinement methods for precious metals

It is classified as below by its recovery pathway and feature that the Recycling method of Precious Metal, and we get highly purified precious metal by selecting the best proper method for the condition of the objects.


Electrochemical purification method is divided into two methods of ElectroPurification and Electrowinning method, and ElectroPurification is used in general.
In electrorefining, a low purity metal plate is made into an Anode(+) and a insoluble electrode or high purity metal is used as a Cathode(-). Over time, the low purity Anode melts and a high purity metal is educted on the Cathode.
In electrowinning, low purity metal ion is dissolved in a electrolysis solution that is linked with insoluble electrodes Annode(+) and Cathode(-). Over time, the metal ion in the solution decreases and is educted on the Cathode.